First hosting contact for FUDCon Managua 2013

We have been busy doing quotation for our event budget. We want not only show our final prices but some other quotation to support our pick. This has consume some time and we have neglected to update our progress.

So we have our first contact on November, 12th, for hosting the event. Universidad Americana (UAM) have said that they will like to have our event at their campus. There are a few constrains, they can not give us space on Saturday and their facilities are smaller than our expectations. Saturday is something to consider. But smaller location is not a problem, as we will focus in results and not in number of people attending the event. On the bright side they are not charging us for using the campus.

In any case, this meeting led to be invited to participate at NASA Hackathon next year. UAM will be hosting the event next year. Last year a high school group won an honorary mention in the world wide competition after been awarded second place locally. We also were invited to their technological fair. We also were invited to give some free software talks for people that know nothing about free software and some more advance talks about GNU/Linux to the system engineering degree. So, this can led to resume a collaboration since our last event at UAM, Fedora 11 Release Party.

We are waiting for them to check our dates, or to propose a better schedule for UAM.

We will be updating soon our progress.


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